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Alex Watt is a staff writer for CollegeHumor. His work can also be found on Dorkly, Funny or Die, Jest, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, SportsPickle, The Huffington Post, Yankee Pot Roast, and in CollegeHumor: The Website: The Book.

Email: alexgwatt@gmail.com

CollegeHumor Articles

I don’t update this anymore. It’s all out there.

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Your Christmas Tree (WITH SUSANNA WOLFF) , 15 Phrases You’ll Hear During Finals Week, and What They Really Mean (WITH SUSANNA WOLFF) , Photobomber Manifesto , What Everyone in Your Family is Bringing for Thanksgiving (WITH CALDWELL TANNER AND SUSANNA WOLFF) , What People Will Say They’re Thankful for This Thanksgiving, and What They Actually Mean , Last Day Itinerary , The Way You Do Things in Public vs in Private (WITH SUSANNA WOLFF) , Five Classic Halloween Tricks (WITH CALDWELL TANNER) , The 10 People Who Open the Door While You’re Trick or Treating , 20 Things You’ll Buy in the Fall (But Really Shouldn’t) , How I Described My Time Machine to People of the Middle Ages , America’s Most Unwanted , First World Torture Devices (WITH CONOR MCKEON) , 20 Things You’ll Regret Doing in College , New College Slang Words II , The 25 Phrases You’ll Hear During Orientation Week and What They Really Mean (WITH SUSANNA WOLFF) , Job Termination Letter , 15 Things You Were Going to Do This Summer But Probably Didn’t (WITH SUSANNA WOLFF) , The Parent’s Guide to Road Trips , More Specific Beach Warning Signs , America’s Real Uncle Sam , World’s Biggest Badass , Fat Kid Summer Fashion , How to Get All the Jobs , Rejected Father’s Day Mugs , Sick Days, Then and Now , How Should You Greet That Person in the Hallway , Anxiety Org Charts Through Life , Wacky Uncle Suicide Note , Does the Person You’re Talking to Want to Hear About Your Dream? , 5 Classic Senior Pranks ; Phonecall Mad Libs , Shitness Protection Program , New College Slang Words , Five Classic Ways to Prank Your Friends (WITH CALDWELL TANNER) , How To Get All The Bitches , Spring Break Brochures for Fictional Places (WITH CONOR MCKEON) , Lessons I Wish People Offered , SkyMall Products for Valentine’s Day , Things to Do Before Dying in a Freak Accident , Advice About Making Phone Calls, for Cripplingly Awkward People , Actually Impressive Party Tricks , Seasonal Beers for College , 6 Rules for Avoiding Small Talk , Postcards from Winter Break , More Useful Video Chat Effects , The 6 Types of Studiers , How-To Guide for Everyday Ninja Moves (WITH OWEN PARSONS) , 6 Places You’ll Live After College , Honest Cell Phone Contract , 7 Flu Shot Alternatives , New Gchat Features , Pandora Founder Wants You to Listen to His Band , The 6 Types of Voicemails (WITH BRIAN MURPHY) , 6 Fights You’ll Have with Your Roommate , Dorm Bulletin Boards Throughout History , Realistic Gym Workout Diagrams , Freshman-O-Vision , Rejected Jersey Shore Products , More Accurate Beach Signs , The 6 People to Avoid This Summer , What Your Glasses Say About You , 7 Ways to Appear Smarter Than You Really Are , The Five Stages of Winter Break , 15 Ways to Get Your Friends From Home to Hate You By Thanksgiving Break , How To Jump on the Bandwagon of a Sports Team , A Bucket’s Bucket List , Rejected Quotes for Ed Hardy T-Shirts , Fantasy Dinner Guests to Avoid , A Day in the Life of Your High School Gym Teacher , LIVE FROM NEW YORK, It’s the Most Historical SNL Ever , Thoughts From Your Lost Remote , Nicktoon Characters You (May Have) Had a Crush On


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